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I’ve tried digging tirelessly through hundreds of blogs and sites and sources and haven’t found a blog that keeps it a hundred yet so here it is. Website coming soon. Everything we need, one place. Education, fashion, culinary, photography, activism, updated health and lifestyle advice, an advice column eventually and a donation spot !! for those kind enough to give even a dollar so that my husband, our son and our little one still in the belly as well as myself will be able to continue serving God and his people as well as doing what we can to diminish the brainwash behind what it means to be alive and grateful! Happiness is a mindset away. The truth shall set us free, my friends. In Lak’ech Ala Kin: I am another you. Glory to Yahweh, to ankh; our mothers, for blessing us with this incredible, beautiful and wild experience. Let’s make the most out of it, iight? Bet. Kool. Glad we on the same flow! Keep reading! Study up!


Spiritual Voyage . Com

“Here are five mantras that will support you and your baby during pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

Adi Shakti: for Strength of the Feminine
The Adi Shakti Mantra invokes the power of the feminine, the creative force. This is a great mantra to use in preparation for birth and throughout pregnancy. It connects to the highest manifestation of the mother.

Sa Ta Na Ma: for Balance and Transformation
This mantra describes the continuous cycle of life and creation. It is used in Kirtan Kriya, which is an excellent meditation for pregnancy and times of change, in general. It helps to balance the hemispheres of the brain, increase intuition, and support us through times of transition.

Ra Ma Da Sa: for Healing and Peace
Ra Ma Da Sa creates a space of healing inside and out. When chanting this mantra, project healing to any situation or person who needs it. Imagine healing blessings surrounding yourself, your baby, and the world.

I am, I am: the Gift of Being
This mantra, in English, is great when you feel scattered or when life is changing so fast that you don’t know who you are anymore. It is for presence and for simply being. In that state, no more is needed.

Poota Maata Kee Aasees: the Mother’s Blessing
Poota Maata Kee Aasees is a shabad (sacred, devotional song) that is a mother’s prayer for her child. It can be repeated for a child’s protection and blessing, used as a special prayer on a child’s birthday, or even just listened to as uplifting background vibration. Divine Birth by Snatam Kaur includes a lovely version of this shabad, along with other tracks that are specifically for pregnancy and birth. Amrit Bani by Bibi Bhani Kaur is another cd that has this shabad and some of the other mantras previously mentioned.

Mantra chanting uses vibration and sacred sound to connect to the most infinite aspect of being, to open the heart, to quiet the mind, and to elevate the circumstances for both mother and child. Often women will feel a connection to particular mantras or shabads during pregnancy – if something calls to you, use it.”

Love is

Lifting you up when you choose not to try, when you choose to stay stuck when you choose to yell and to cry- love is uplifting in a quicksand world

!!!!!!! I think I think I think he’s the one I’ve been asking for

It’s seeing it rain and blushing at the sincerity

It’s running your hand across cracks in buildings and keeping to do lists in front of bucket lists

It’s honesty

It’s the smell of food filling a small apartment

It’s living on the top floor with only one way out

It’s searching for the brilliant design of your faces getting off the school bus and saying hi Mom hi Dad

Making lists of things we’ve yet to pay off

Calling and trusting how your voice on the voicemail box

A Hashtag Guide- for someone who cares.

#stayawake #staywoke #anonymous #legion #woke #truth #truthseeker #fuckthesystem #fuckthegovernment #fuckcapitalism #inlieswetrust #awakening #wakeup #✊ #🇲🇦 #📚 R e a d  o n

Did you know that…

The word #Conspiracy is a term coined by the CIA to combat truth seeking with the reverse psychology approach, saying that those whom spread these deep seeded, hidden and politically tied truths, are spreading false information. It is actually operation CoIntelPro that does exactly that which is why all attempts at liberating the people, whether referring to physical, emotional or financial slavery, has been compromised, breached and shut down. #truther #killuminati #newworldorder #facts #conspiracytheory #ignoredhistory #anarchy #antigovernment

Did you know that…

The Holocaust was a much more detailed mission than they’ll ever tell us. Adolf Hitler worked with African Kings & Queens trying to save America from the vary chaos we experience today due to The US Corporation owing and selling our souls and our children to the Queen of England and the Roman empire which is why our taxes are not seen as better schools, repaired streets or healthy citizens but divided 60/40 between who? The Queen Of England (40%) and the Roman Empire.

Adolf Hitler was not a racist. He was aware that the people calling themselves the “Jews”, were not the real American people: the Hebrew Israelites that own the land we stand on now here in the former United States of America, formerly and well known as Morocco; thus our name, the Moors; the original people of Amurruk or Morocco.

Christopher Columbus was just a spy sent to the America’s to take note of and later exploit our natural resources. These pale blonde and blue eyed European looking mfs, were frauds who as understood specifically by the people of this time, to have came out of nowhere practically, to take over the land of the Aboriginals: the real native amurrikans. The letter V and J are only 500 years old; if that helps mentally pull this into perspective.

Why are our schools separated by class? Why does it cost so much to pursue schooling and an education?

Why do they only want the wealthy to be able to afford to be doctors, lawyers, politicians/president and professors?

Why do they keep us sick with unnatural lab-made,man-synthesized ingredients as well as things that SHOULD NOT be ingredients period? Things like Fluoride in our toothpastes and public water supply, and other known carcinogens in brands like General Mills, targeted at CHILDREN that are recognized as metal corrosives… For breakfast., Yes, we have been fooled and fools and raised by fools.

#Antisemetic is a term created to turn the Hebrews, us melanated gifted people, against ourselves. We, the Moors, the melanin gifted people of Israel, are God’s chosen people and this is clarified in every religious text written. The entire old testament of the Bible, even the  whitewashed King James version and the other texts without the banned book of Enoch, clarify that it is based in Israel. They know that our parents are lacking, deeply asleep; and will most likely not even attempt to teach us the truth, our heritage, our battles both won and lost and the abundance of other simple things we need to know about this world. They push drugs into our parents mouths (90’s baby) and tell them it’s to cope with us crying but do not understand. They cannot relate and this is where segregation came in. Seperation and interracial baby making controversy came in, this of course is not saying that us mixed babies are not the guides we are, it’s explaining the trauma this kind of life was meant for us to endure and rise above. Something is wrong with certain people as we have all experienced or at least witnessed. We have allowed ourselves to become the hopelessness we’ve witnessed and had to bare from our own ancestors. We  have as well turned greedy, ignorant and naive. My white mother was not taught our culture. We were taught a whitewashed glorified lie as our history and they raped our womban: bit the hand that fed us, brutalized our God, our reason for witnessing growth within our environment, our community, our families and ourselves. They tortured and attempted to demasculinize our soldiers, and turned families against each other; using whatever crack they could find to pry apart and exploit. #PleaseKeepEducatingYourself #questioneverything #educateyourself #wearenotblack #wearemoors #indian #morocco #indigochild #governmentcorruption #awareness #mindfulness #meditation #veganism #knowledge #changeiscoming #thesystem